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Short-term Trip Opportunity
The Ride of Your Life
You will be traveling with a team to pray onsite with insight through villages of unreached people groups in Laos. Your expressed purpose is to help initiate a global prayer movement. This is done by prayer walking through targeted villages asking insightfully for God to prepare the way for His Kingdom. In many places, it will be the first time prayers have ever been spoken.
Our team will help you prepare from home. Once you arrive you'll receive orientation and will be guided across the border. As a tourist, you will travel through rural areas taking in the sights and sounds while stopping to prayer walk in villages along the way. The people groups you will engage are largely Animists who worship spirits and are completely untouched by the Good News. This unique opportunity exposes you to an unreached people group while in return you will expose them to His love.
-Learn about God's heart for the nations
-See the faces of the unreached
-Prayer walk through key villages
-Ask God to prepare hearts and establish his Kingdom
-Pave the spiritual road for church planters
-Return home and mobilize others to pray
-Anywhere from 3-7 days of commitment (not including overseas travel time)
-Groups must be anywhere from 2-6 people
-Open to all ages and experiences. Minors under 18 must be with an adult
-Transportation options include bicycles, motorbikes, dirt bikes, cars, trucks or vans
-Riding experience recommended for those taking motorbikes
-Must have compassion for the lost and willingness to pray
-Flexible to adapt to unforeseen circumstances
-Teachable in relation to life, attitude and scripture
-Willing to travel in an underdeveloped country with low living standards
Please contact us for an interview. Once we talk and confirm that you're not crazy we'll send you preparatory material. Before formal acceptance is given there are only two easy things we REQUIRE you to complete:
1. Join a Team or become a Team Leader. There must be a team leader who is responsible for all correspondence, logistics and preparation.
2. Read and Apply, “Lao Prayer Journey: The Unofficial Guide” You’ll receive a guide book that will walk you through your entire experience. It will include practical pre-field, on-field and debriefing tips. It will also offer basic insight into culture, language and worldview.
We look forward to journeying with you!
 -The MKM Team



Motorbike Prayer


(Per Person / Intl. Airfare Not Included)

Contact for Short-Term Team Trips Dates
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"Lao Prayer Journey: The Unofficial Guide"


This book will walk you through your entire short-term experience. Download it now.


Unofficial Guide for Download
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