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Long-term Service Opportunity
Living Recklessly
"Every time I read your updates
 I can see you guys going out in my head.
It makes me so excited to know that God is blessing your work and that I was part of it."
-Matt E., 2013 Intern
                                                                 (3 months)
Accepting Interns for
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  • YouTube Basic Black
You will be involved in prayer mobilization, church planting and media work. Your day to day will be spent both in the field and behind the scenes. You'll provide support and training to local church planters while mobilizing prayer through social media and hosting short-term prayer walking teams. The people groups you will engage are largely Animists who worship spirits and are completely untouched by the Good News. You will experience firsthand the demands of pioneer work in a cross cultural setting. It will require all your flexibility, creativity and an adventuresome spirit.
  • Lead prayer journeys into target region
  • Communicate with short-term teams in preparation
  • Mobilize people for mission by casting vision
  • Help facilitate missions training
  • Support, encourage and coach local church planters
  • Make disciples using reproducible methods. 
  • Use creative writing skills to mobilize prayer through social media
  • Anywhere from 3-12 months of commitment. Costs TBD
  • A good scriptural understanding of God's global redemptive purposes and UPG’s of the world
  • Passion for prayer and the nations
  • Lead by serving and have a teachable heart
  • Flexible to adapt to unforeseen circumstances
  • Able to  work with a diverse group of people
  • Takes Initiative to meet needs without being told
  • Sensitive to other cultures and traditions
  • Resonate with MKM’s Values
If you are interested, let’s talk. The process of getting to the field for every person will be different depending on where you are in your faith journey. We only ask that you fulfill the following four important requirements:
1. Missions Coach - you must have an on-going coaching relationship with a mentor, pastor, leader, etc. Someone who can provide insight into missiology, keep you accountable to goals and track your progress throughout your faith journey.
2. A Strong Team of Supporters - you must raise a team of partners (30-40) to support you in prayer and finances.
3. Sending Organization - you must be a part of a local church or sending organization that recognizes your commitment, supports your journey, provides insurance and funnels your finances.
4. Culture and Worldview Experience - you must have a basic understanding of Lao/Thai culture and the Buddhist/Animist worldview.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Journeying with you!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -The MKM Team
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